Even Stephen Hawking is Staying Active

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Having written yesterday about staying active & how important it is for our health &well-being but does this type of activity need to be Headline news for Huffington Post?

Report Claims Stephen Hawking Frequents Sex Club

It seems to me that everyone has something to say about what is deemed as moral/immoral, right/wrong, proper/improper, safe/risky, naughty/nice, Godly/ungodly, acceptable or unacceptable…

Get my drift?

On the other hand, very few allow for simple human differences of choices.  Just because Mr. Hawking (a public figure) has the same human hormones an physical needs & desires the media has to create a stir & publicize his private activities.

What’s the motivation & purpose behind it?

  • Is it simply to sell news?
  • To place shame on a disabled man for being human?
  • Is it because it’s considered a religious or morally taboo activity?

 Personally, I can only hope I can remain sexually active as a 70 year old disabled person!

I say, “leave everyone’s private sex life to privacy.”

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