Ever Feel Like You’re A Nobody…

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Trying To Be Somebody? 

Having struggled with this my entire life I believe I’m finally starting to find my way through the minutiae.

The minutiae consists of a plethora of life experiences, self talk and perceived ideas about what I think other people perceive about me.

Perception is the key concept in the above statement.

It’s too easy to get the cart before the horse, to get caught up in the excitement of thinking you got it all under control.  Staying focused is the real challenge that must be bridled in order to proceed and succeed.

When your life’s experiences seem to teach you that you’ll “always be,” or “will never do” anything other than what you have been doing or what others expect you to be and do – it is extra difficult to feel confident.

Intersection of positivity & negativity

Which direction do you choose?

Then along comes life with all it’s uncertainties and unexpected challenges.  WHAM… you’re diagnosed with M.S., Lupus or some other dang thing happens.

It’s our response or reaction to our uncontrollable circumstances that determines our future and our attitude which affects everyone and everything around us.

The economy is being redefined.  The Internet has created an platform to create the New Empathy Driven Economy and created a way to develop and live a purpose driven, fulfilling and passionate life.

Take an inventory of your dreams, interests, skills beliefs and life experiences and values and let’s create a passion filled career for ourselves.

Then my recommendation is to get your own Free copy of The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto and get started on creating your own home based economy.  The economy will never again support the old traditional economic model.  Start living, learning and growing today.

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