Ever Wish You Could Invent the Next Craze?

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Wouldn’t That Be the Way to Start 2012?

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Most people have dreamed or fantasized about creating, inventing or discovering that next big craze or fad but just didn’t know what to d so you just pushed the thought aside for lack of inspiration or motivation.  Maybe you just convinced yourself that “You couldn’t be successful.” or “that you don’t know how,” or whatever…It’s all self doubt & unwarranted.

I was prone to that same negative self-talk, still am at times. I’m the type that would rather know the end from the beginning…but as my life goes by, often more quickly than I’d like to think about, I decided that standing on the sidelines was contradictory to what I need or want.  I’ve realized that a doctor wasn’t always a doctor, nor a lawyer nor very few others at anything.

True, a few people were “born to be” prodigies…BUT many more are “self-made.” Everyone can decide to follow something – anything that they are passionate about.

Find your niche’, write your story, define & research your target audience/market…Voila!!
You have it…the next widget, slinky, hula hoop, toaster, or Frisbee…

Now, you proceed with learning how to market that idea, product or service. It may seem like a daunting task, but anything worthwhile usually isn’t simple.  Just remember your reason WHY…

  • Our imagination could become reality…
  • You could become free of debt!
  • You could become famous!
  • You would have more free time!
  • You may just have the newest gadget!

There are resources on this blog to help you get a quick start on your Idea & begin making 2012 your year to remember! Help with starting your own blog http://emmons.mlmblogsecrets.com/  Or, help with why traditional recruiting methods no longer work  http://emmons.the7greatliesofnetworkmarketing.com/

I believe I’ve found one of the next big industries to be emerging & thriving in the days to come.  That is the main topic of my blog- Industrial hemp.  It may appear to some as inconsistent with my message but I don’t agree…I’m simply positioning myself on front of the probabilities of the industry.  Industrial Hemp could become the “New Gold Standard – The New U.S. Currency.”

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