Family, Life, Self…Choose 2, Cant Have All 3…What do You Do?

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If you don’t know WHY you do what you do, how do you expect people to follow you?

Presented with such a question will require some creative thinking & some powerful positive actions.

It is the total belief beyond 100% of a shadow of a doubt that what you have to offer will change people’s lives.

If you don’t believe this then you shouldn’t be selling your product or service. But if you do truly believe (and know with 100% certainty) it will change your prospect’s life, you have a duty and obligation to go to the “nth” degree to connect the dots, and to do everything in your power to educate them on the value of your offer.

To not do so is irresponsible.

This is purely a leadership issue and nothing more.

Salesmanship is the finest of all arts.

I can achieve this with pure engagement using an education based approach.

Never by force feeding.

More so, it’s a deep down in the gut knowing and believing this will help people. Once you have “that” then you become unstoppable.

When I craft an offer that I know is valuable to my prospect then it’s game on all the way.

It starts with learning the fundamentals of marketing and getting positioned in front of an audience interested in what you have to offer.

Note: I only speak to a target audience who has already expressed an interest in what I have to offer. I will never ( and I do mean NEVER) go back to thinking everyone is my prospect because “it just ain’t so.”

It starts with market research – looking for that hungry crowd. The hungry crowd will always beat out any sales/marketing message.

This is stuff straight out of

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