First Deception…How Peer Pressure Can End Your Life!

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The Effects of Peer Pressure Can Be Deadly in the Long Run!

Really, who dies from a few cigarettes anyway?  You won’t get addicted, right? You are in control, right?  Our cells don’t directly speak to us & warn us about impending dangers.  Your health & wellness could be at stake and nagging folks about quitting could ruin a friendship.

When your peers (or older siblings) are doing something that seems “so cool” you automatically think that it’ll be “cool” for you as well.  We believe,

  • If I do XYZ then, I’ll be grown up too,
  • I’ll get so & so to like me,
  • I’ll have more friends,
  • I’ll be accepted,
  • I’ll have more influence…

My father is approaching his 75th birthday & says he’s been smoking since he was four when his big brothers started smoking.  A common image from Dad’s era portrayed smoking as part of the “must haves, must do’s.”

Tobacco was an important agricultural crop that helped establish the USA and a means of work, income & identity for many.

Smoking was always a part of macho movie stars such as Dad’s favorite, John Wayne.

I guess my point here is about how easily we are deceived by our peers & more so by the agencies designed to serve & protect us.

Why are we so quick to take the FDA, Surgeon General, AMA’s word over an individual’s word on any given issue?

We all know first-hand that our government has proven the dangers of smoking and the Surgeon General has required warning labels against smoking cigarettes.

I also know first-hand that while the government touts the dangers, they are capitalizing on this profitable market by leasing land to grow this agricultural crop from private land owners like my partner’s uncle.

These particular land owners are not likely to complain about what the land is being used for.  Knowing this as a U.S. citizen makes my skin crawl, my blood boil & my heart break.

The addictive properties of smoking tobacco far outweigh the non-existent psychotropic effects of industrial hemp.

That same land our government leases could be used for industrial hemp and solve many societal & governmental issues.  Instead they choose to continue the deception surrounding the ancient misconceptions of industrial hemp.  Hemp IS NOT the same as marijuana.  Hemp typically contains less than 1% THC making it undesirable for recreational use.

Obviously, smoking is a matter of free will, & personal choice.  Having had both parents smoke during my childhood, I joined the crowd…for a while.  Happily I was able to quit 20 years ago!

Yikes…that advertises my age but I tell it like it is and always will!  I realize I often write about unpleasant topics rather than what is trending & popular…I intend to keep it that way.  If I can hang around with my entire family & remain “the odd man out,” I won’t give in here & just write about what is popular.

Dad has been given the median survival rate of ten months, with 10% lasting five years.  I don’t want to appear calloused or unkind but, “it is what it is” and I’ve cried an ocean of tears already.  His wife has C.O.P.D.

I’m praying for Dad & his wife but it’s their choice to continue on the course that got them to this point in the first place.

Updated 1/28/13…I lost my dad back in Oct. and it’s confusing to know that two famous actresses who had never smoked also died of lung cancer right before dad…so go figure.

Do you have family or friends that have died of lung cancer?  Do your pleadings to ask them to quit fall on deaf ears?

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Lori Emmons

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