Following The Law Yet Still Penalized?

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How Can We Call This A Democracy?

Though I am advocate for industrial hemp, the NON-Drug cousin of marijuana, the citizens of Colorado and several other states, voted for approval of marijuana’s medical use, there is still a lot of discrepancies around this topic.

Today in the Denver Post this attorney is not feeling the love of our democracy!  It seems that in fulfilling her job title she is still being penalized for doing her job. Read the story here! 

It’s no wonder that our citizens are uneasy & apathetic.

How and when will we regain some semblance of order and reform?

I registered for that free course; Constitution 101 at Hillsdale College and I best get busy on it to see if I can help foster some changes.

I am feeling less & less confident in our rights & that the Constitution is being upheld & honored.

I must go for now, will finish this later.

USA  flag, gavel and U.S. constitutionContinued from yesterday… These sails were probably made from hemp fibers, the original Constitution was written on hemp paper & the original Levi’s made from hemp fiber…I’ve not said anything original so far here… These are well known facts, forgive the redundancy please.

USS Constitution & Friendship of Salem sailing shipsSo why are We The People not all up in arms about this issue?  We seem to be apathetic about these facts.

Maybe the word for it is not apathy but rather complacency.

Even the education system in America has created some of this complacency.  Since English is considered to be the world language, one would think that the English language would be taught consistently.  Methodologies are constantly being altered & modified so that things like “Invented Spelling” & “Whole Language” are the norms now.

Seeing so many that do not know how or when to correctly use which form of their, there and they’re, or interchangeably use then or than and our and are for example, is enough to make Webster cry.  Sorry, back to my topic…

Stand Up For Citizens

Until We The People stand up, be counted, & demand change we just have to take what the 1% force upon the rest of us.

Marijuana plant

Marijuana plants are short & bushy.

I can understand the part about wanting my surgeon, my pilot, my professor and the like, to be completely sober and not stoned while on the job.

field of Hemp

hemp plants are tall & slender

However, modern science & technology now has the capability to tell the difference between hemp & marijuana – two strains of the cannabis plant.  It doesn’t even require a microscope or a botanist.

In fact, since the ban on industrial hemp the potency of marijuana has increased (higher THC content) so it actually defeats the purpose of their  “War on Drugs.”  I wholeheartedly agree that we must fight against heroin, cocaine, meth-amphetamines and the like.

My point here is that as citizens of “the good “Old U.S.A.” we must demand that this nonsense be stopped.

It is extremely important that our children be taught the correct spelling & grammar, instead of protecting their egos or feelings by not correcting their best attempts at spelling.  This practice only makes this country weak & vulnerable.

It is equally important to learn that the BIG MONEY behind the agenda against industrial hemp and marijuana is making America weak & vulnerable because we have been indoctrinated with the idea that hemp is marijuana when it is not.

This may seem to be an odd comparison to you but it just supports my position on not having the government in charge of these programs.

Do you believe the agenda of the “War on Drugs” has been helpful or harmful to our society?  Do you believe that the education system has improved the literacy and spelling skills of our students or made them worse?  Do you see the correlation I’m making?

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