Do You Really Know Where Your Food Comes From & How It’s Made?

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Is or food strictly regulated by organizations like the FDA & USDA & ADA?  

Or are our groceries simply a profiteering monopoly with no regard to our health?

Having watched an eye opening movie last night I came to a couple conclusions about my food choices & why I am connected to the things I’m connected to.

I’ll reveal the movie’s title in a bit…

Our bodies are such incredibly amazing miracles…otherwise we would all have died long ago.  It’s no wonder that illnesses, syndromes & disorders are the new norm.  This information must become viral.

Unless one is able to

  1. Raise their own livestock. or be vegan
  2. Grow all their own produce
  3. Avoid the Standard American Diet (abbreviated S.A.D.)  Then we’re doomed to be part of the statics of America becoming The Sickest Nation on earth.”  This video is from The American News Project.


  • how it is decided what is on the school lunch menu to
  • how prescription medicines are presented through the media which is only allowed in the USA & New Zealand


  • lifestyle requirements & choices of being too busy to prepare meals at home (not microwave meals.)

All are factors affecting our health and well-being.

Oh, the movie that inspired this post is called Food Inc.  One resource I combat these agendas with is Restoration Biology. 

2/1/13..Revision…While the principles mentioned above are sound, I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of here.

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