Frustrated With Your Techy Gadgets & Gear?

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Try Finding A Simple Cell Phone That Is Lori Proof!

WAY OFF MY USUAL TOPIC TODAY!  Bear with me please.

What I mean by that is that I have been seriously frustrated by the fact that I’ve been unable to find a cell phone that is functional for me with the tremors in my hands.

You would think that with ADA regulations., modern technology & science that manufactures could work with people like myself to develop a phone that works for folks like me.

Sure, first thought is “voice activated.” Tried that…forget the flip phones…those cause another dexterity issue for me.

A case where size matters!

The smaller they’re made for the majority’s satisfaction the worse they are for me!

I’m don’t even want to discuss those tiny buttons!  Nightmare!

It is a safety issue for me not to have a way to make a call in a emergency but on the bright side…it means a chivalrous knight could save this damsel in distress…Right?

I have resorted to a VOIp system at home.  Even that causes issues with saving energy because I have to leave my cpu on all the time & then there’s getting to my computer quickly enough to answer the dang thing.

How did humanity get to this point?…Unable to even go to the store or the park without a telephone!

Don’t even get me started on this gadget!  I can barely make a go of them

I may have to remain a dinosaur!  I DO intend to get one of the Kindle’s though!

Staying current with my reading & writing my blog may get my ploy recognized & solved.

The bright side is … I SAVE TONS OF MONEY!


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