GMO Foods These Days…Scary!

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kids swinging at recessHow Healthy Is School Lunch Really?

Last week a few of the forth grade girls where I work started some DRAMA…really dramatic & tragic, or so you’d think.  “So & so doesn’t want to be my friend any more – sniff sniff.  This part is common-we probably said that too!

It got to the point where one little girl said something to the effect of “If you’re going to be her friend, then-blah blah blah, sometimes I get so mad that I just want to kill you.”

The scene sounded like it was straight off a Jerry Springer or Court TV type shows.  The drama was detestable.

We teachers intervened…this time, but what about when they’re playing in the neighborhood?

Is It Because Of GMO Foods, Or TV or…?

Wouldn’t we expect their school lunches to be safe, healthy foods?

Apparently this kid, Birke Baehr, wants to know about the food supply too and stop production of GMO foods.

Jeffery Smith at the Institute for Responsible Technology seems to be a man in the know about GMO foods.

Are our children’s moods and attitudes a combination of eating GMO foods and TV or is it my imagination or assumptions?

Why are we sold out on believing what the big corporations and media are feeding us.  Why are we believing everything the media says about GMO foods being safe and healthy food?

Ms. Samm Simpson wrote at the Institute for Responsible Technology:

“When a lie becomes the truth, then the truth becomes a lie. That’s the GMO play book; starting with the 1992 Monsanto led FDA policy of substantial equivalence. The mendacity continues today with the worn out GMO mantra; “we’ll feed the worldincrease yield and use less pesticide. The myth of GMO and organic coexistence is another propped up falsehood.”

This almost makes me want to change my focus from legalizing industrial hemp to banning GMO use.  I think they go hand-in-hand though – as accepted propaganda.

I refuse to become complacent & simply “go along with it.”  That’s the easy thing to do & how our culture got in this mess in the first place.

Vote with your dollars.

Being a bell weather for this topic doesn’t necessarily make me everyone’s “best friend” but what kind of a friend keeps this kind of important information to themselves?

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