“You Gotta Spend Money To Make Money.” Why Must It Be So?

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Or so it’s been said.

All the big corporations, organizations and web owners seem to dictate how it should be done; what tools you’ll need and why their way is the best way.

This can be quite a discouraging factor for a “Little Guy” like myself who has big ideas and plans with a small budget.

In this world of Online Marketing many would have you believe – in fact use this in their ad copy – that “Anyone can do it.”  And you can too.

I’ll just say this – For the average person – you probably already have and use:  Video camera Smart phone or Cell phone with a camera.

For a disabled entrepreneur, creating video is not an easy task that I can employ and doubt that I’m the only one with this challenge.  Why are we so programmed to follow the crowd?

As this video indicates – We are being programmed by the media.

However, those of us that are members of the physically disabled entrepreneurs group with fixed or limited incomes, these seemingly small tasks are monumental for us making it difficult to compete..

Online Marketers and big corporations as well as society has decided that video is what one must do and use to be successful in the online marketing world.

I’m the type that won’t listen to the idea that says “You MUST do X, Y and Z or else.”  I will break my back trying to prove otherwise.

My tenacity is taking a lot of extra time and effort to gain a following than an online entrepreneur with a large marketing budget.

At a time when we hear how disgruntled with “Big Biz” people are, the idea that a small biz has to play the game by big biz rules is so dis-heartening.  There needs to e a way to level the field for some synergistic solutions.

As was and is my message for the Christmas shopping frenzy – Shop local & small business to help support fellow Americans.

I’d love to hear how you supported this concept this year.  I simply just gave food gifts.

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