Has the Fountain of Youth Been Found?

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Is there a “Fountain of Youth.”

Science may have determined that the miracle has been inside us all along.

Youth & Health begins at a cellular level.  Our cellular health is affected by several factors.

  • Physical -are you getting enough exercise, water, fresh air, sunshine?
  • Mental -are you learning & stimulating your cognitive abilities daily?
  • Spiritual – whatever your beliefs are, nourish & strengthen them
  • Social – embrace healthy relationships, stay involved with interest areas
  • Emotional – avoid anger, strife & toxic relationships

Nothing new there, right?  It all starts with physical habits.  Unless we are nourishing our bodies with proper nutrition then we can maintain the other factors.

I can’t help but believe that what I call “The Big 3” Pharma, Petrol & Poisons, have control over our society & our politics… in their own interests…they represent most of THE 1% 

Think about it:

  • How many products we use daily are petroleum based but could be manufactured from a plant base, (namely Industrial Hemp)?
  • How many of the pharmaceuticals on the market have synthetically replaced natural plant based therapies?
  • How many pesticides & herbicides have been developed to increase production of products to support the other two mentioned above?

We must STAND UP & create a demand for products that will help rather than hinder our lives at the cellular level…products manufactured plants that will be helpful for our

  • Environment 
  • Economy 
  • Green Energy
  • Employment 

The first opportunity to purchase American Made hemp based products is from ForeverGreen International.  This company has some good products, be sure to ask me which ones.  Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend them as a business opportunity.

I have found a new primary business that feeds our cells to provide cellular health.  I’ll be sharing info in new posts.

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