Have You Tried Eating & Drinking Strictly Raw for 10 Days?

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I’m Not Talking Raw Meats Here…

I’m talking 100% raw whole foods here, only the foods that come from the earth.

I’m not even gonna mention the negative environmental effects of our meat production industry…& I’m not even a vegan.

Real food nutrition that can only come from the ground.  I mean, think about it, if we were originally formed from the dust of the earth doesn’t it make sense that we get our sustenance from that which we came & where we return?

Religious beliefs aside.

Which looks more nutritious, plate full of colorful vegetablesfulfilling, colorful & delicious? This veggie plate…


This plate full of colorless , greasy fries.plateful of french fries

You know which one an Olympian or athlete would choose!

With a tiny bit of preparation & forethought we all could do so much for our bodies, our finances and our environment.

By preparing a bag full of veggies beforehand, for our lunch & snacks we will SAVE money, gasoline, medical bills, packaging materials & waistlines.

This seems like a no-brainer…

  • Do we make the poor choice because of time,
  • flavor,
  • society’s influence, or…
  • Is it because of added ingredients that cause addictions?

Those fries could be a bag of chips or a candy bar.  Then we add a burger & a soda.  This brings me to…

A CASE FOR WATER.splash of water

Our bodies are 60-70% water, just like the earth.  Our brains are about 90% water.  No pun intended…

I can’t change it now but I often wonder “if I had consumed more water & ate my veggies when I was “that infallible child,” whether I’d have M.S. now.  I guess we need plain old water, who’da thought?

Only having water to drink…Filtered at home is fine, but NONE that you have to buy in bottles.  The bottles only create too much landfill waste & hurts our environment.  Try it for 10 days.

You’ll save money, & unnecessary added ingredient calories…if you MUST have flavor squeeze a fresh lemon, orange or lime in it.

Coffee or tea will dehydrate you more & defeat the purpose, fruit & vegetable juices often contain added, man-made ingredients.  Sodas? – No comment… Duh!

If you think this diet would be boring, try being stuck in bed because you’re too tired, sick or overweight.

A better idea yet is to try one of Dr Saucedo’s 14different recommended healthy packs, each pack offers 4 different levels of commitment & cost to suit your needs & desires.

Telling you how delicious these foods are just won’t work so if you opt in to my email list above I’ll send you a sample Hemp Pulse Bar to try.  You’ll need to send me a note listed on my contact page so I know that you want more than just my newsletter.

You won’t believe how delicious and NOT BORING they are.

1/31/13..Revision…While the principles mentioned above are sound, I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of here.

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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