Health Care Vs. Sick Care

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We’re playing with fire here!

While I don’t have any certainties in what our future Sick Care programs under “Obama Care” will be like.  I’m taking comfort in taking control of my preventative approach in Health & Wellness Care.  Had I taken this approach to my health care 30 years ago I may have an entirely different story to tell… maybe a story without M.S.

( Edited 8/29/2012 -Even though the premises of Forever Green presented here are sound I have found the opportunity for income to be less than optimal for my efforts. That’s why I’m marketing ME & not a product line.)

Please take about 5 minutes & listen to an introductory message from the founder of my health care program, Founder, Ron Williams.  Yes, I do carry a sick care program with Kaiser also, mostly for emergency care.

This video presents an great perspective on health care vs. sick care.

The newest sick care treatments for my condition start at around $50K per year!  Even IF Medicare covered 80% I would not be able to, nor do I want to, cover the other 20% of that plan of sick care.

Then their next bright idea is to combine therapeutic treatment with a second $50K per year drug?  Yeah right?…As If?… as reported in The Denver Post 2/26/2012.  Either way it’s still sick care & not a cure for MS, nor is it health care…its Sick Care.

So yes, if we are relying on our health care system for “healthcare,” we are playing with fire!

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t keep your sick care plan, I’m just hoping that we see some true reform within what I call the sick care program.

I’d love to hear your comments on how your health/sick care program is giving you comfort or health.

True health care would cause a reduction in illnesses not the increase that is the reality of today in the USA.

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