Heard About The Most Significant Discovery For Reducing Your BP in 25 Years?

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Green Coffee Beans

Who would have guessed?
A surprise to me!

Yes! It’s true; coffee extract from the un-roasted, green coffee bean turns out to be quite a potent tonic for healthy blood pressure.

Doctors and scientists agree and can’t recall a single nutritional discovery more significant than green coffee bean extract and say it’s like nothing they have ever seen!

In a recent clinical study published in a major medical journal, a team of Japanese scientists reported that green coffee may be the golden key that unlocks a lifetime of healthy blood pressure.  Now that’s a synergistic solution that many of us could use!

The study subjects were all worried about keeping their blood pressure healthy (just like you). Half were given a placebo and the other half tried green coffee extracts. What happened next was utterly astounding to all the researchers and scientists involved…

Green Coffee Cherries

Green Coffee Cherries on the vine.

Results from recent green coffee study published in a major medical journal:

Blood-pressure numbers of the test subjects shocked the researchers!

Don’t worry about caffeine! Green coffee has less caffeine than a cup of De-caffeinated coffee!

The hidden secret in these beans is a nutrient that may hold the key to protecting your body’s Nitric Oxide—the essential compound your blood vessels need in order to “relax” and open up to allow healthy blood pressure and blood flow. When Japanese researchers recently tested the blood pressure effects of green coffee extracts, (GCBE), the results were shocking.
Here are the actual 12 week results from the clinical study…

  • Systolic blood pressure (the TOP number) — HEALTHY!
  • Diastolic blood pressure (the BOTTOM number) — NORMAL!

How relieved would YOU feel with results like these? How surprised would your doctor be at your next checkup?  Better yet, the green coffee test subjects enjoyed these results naturally as opposed to with synthetic prescriptions that can further increase an already compromised condition.

Wondering about side effects? Rest easy; the Japanese researchers reported that “… there were NO apparent negative side effects.”

A second human study took it one step further and confirmed equally remarkable results…

In a separate study of 117 patients, researchers reported similar results for blood pressure. Additionally, they reported that the more GCBE the test subjects took, the healthier their blood pressure became.

So, what’s going on inside your arteries and blood vessels?

Nitric Oxide

Activities within!

As you age, your heart and blood vessels aren’t as flexible as they once were, which may mean it’s harder to maintain healthy blood pressure.

The nutrients discussed in this report help protect your body’s precious supply of nitric oxide—which relaxes and OPENS your arteries for healthier blood flow. They help keep your blood vessels smooth and flexible.

How does green coffee work? It is the nitric oxide.

The secret lies deep inside your arteries, blood vessels and even your heart. If you could shrink yourself down to the size of a molecule and travel through an artery, the first thing you’d notice is what scientists call the endothelium.

The endothelium is the smooth, supple lining inside every blood vessel in your body — from the largest arteries to the teeny tiny blood vessels in the far reaches of your body. When you were young, and your nitric oxide levels were high, your endothelium probably looked smooth as silk and just as supple. But as you age, your nitric oxide levels start falling and your endothelial cells begin to age, too. Over time, your arteries would begin to become less flexible. The result? It may be harder to maintain healthy blood pressure thus, hardening of the arteries occurs.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you—thanks to the ground-breaking research of three Nobel prize winners, and recent research into the health benefits of green coffee.

Green coffee helps rejuvenate the cells lining your arteries.
The secret to green coffee’s power is connected to the availability of nitric oxide to your endothelial cells. Actually, it’s really quite simple. In 1998, three Nobel Prize-winning scientists: Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad discovered that nitric oxide, a natural substance in your body, actually signals your endothelial cells to “relax” and open up your blood vessels.

The result is healthy blood flow and normal blood pressure. But how can you make more nitric oxide available to your arteries and blood vessels?
That’s where GCBE comes in. In one study, researchers observed that people with healthy blood pressure have more nitric oxide available to nourish their endothelial cells—and help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Arteries OPEN WIDE and say AHHH!

The solution? Green coffee extracts. Inside your body, this remarkable substance helps protect your body’s natural supply of nitric oxide so your blood vessels can “open wide” and keep your blood pressure right where your doctor (and you) want it.

So it’s no surprise that test subjects saw BIG improvements in blood pressure in a matter of weeks…

Again, Systolic blood pressure—HEALTHY Diastolic blood pressure—NORMAL
The science is in, and it’s indisputable. Green coffee is the kind of all- natural breakthrough you see maybe once or twice in a generation.

That’s why we now recommend green coffee to anyone who wants to maintain healthy blood pressure for life.

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