Hemp Tycoon brings new cash crop to Facebook!

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Adult Swim goes green and offers players a new way to farm.

Words: Tyler Nagata on November 9, 2011

Adult Swim is going green with Hemp Tycoon, the company’s latest addition to its Facebook Arcade library. The beta version of the original Flash game is live and offers growers more seeds, plants, locations, and products to produce from the useful plant. And if you were wondering, you can craft hemp milk – and yes, that’s a real thing.

Hemp sure is useful. The Cannabis sativa plant may not be very good for recreational enjoyment with a black light and The Dark Side of the Moon playing on loop, but it’s great for making paper, rope, fabric, and food products.

You can head to apps.facebook.com/hemptycoon to try the beta out. In the meantime, feel free to laugh at the many marijuana references in the “farmplay” trailer and our screenshot gallery below. Or not .    Hemp Tycoon brings new cash crop to Facebook   Now it needs to become a reality, not just a FB game.

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