Get hemp wise…It’s NOT the same as marijuana

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Since I’ve recently been learning about the amazing, astounding and abundant uses, possibilities and benefits of Hemp I continually have a tough time containing & constructively controlling my responses to this highly controversial topic.

I implore you (my readers) to seek out, purchase, give & use hemp based products to create a HUGE DEMAND- SO MUCH THAT WE FORCE OUR GOVERNMENT to meet the needed supply! I am working on being able to supply you with websites & resources for just that purpose.

  • Hemp insulation alone could save so much energy & thereby reduce our carbon footprint immensely.
  • Hemp building materials trap carbon particles & reduce global warming.
  • Hemp farming rebuilds the topsoil & it’s nutrients.
  • Hemp clothing/material is much stronger & long lasting.
  • Hemp paper saves trees & use of the toxins used to make wood fiber paper.
  • Hemp oil is an excellent salve for our skin.
  • Hemp seeds provide the ONLY known complete protein source
  • Hemp cellulose can be used to create bio-plastics…
  • Bio fuels, twine, ropes, resins, non-toxic paints & textiles
  • There are so many more possibilities, whatever you’re in to look for a hemp alternative!

When & how will we grow wise about using hemp?
“It’s time we used our heads for more than hat racks!”

RESOURCES COMING SOON so, please stay tuned!

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