How Are You Celebrating Earth Day 2012?

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I celebrate Earth Day every day!

Making healthy choices for your diet is an excellent way to celebrate…maybe THE BEST way to celebrate Earth Day every day.

I found this freakishly large salad production on High Line today.

Eating food that comes from the same place as our bodies did, optimally is locally grown & organic, produces only organic  & biodegradable waste which replenishes the earth & nourishes our bodies… & round ‘n round it goes, is possibly the greenest thing we can do.

The history of Earth day is posted here & says (with corrected typo italicized)

Earth Day is a day of action and a celebration of the birth of the modern environmental movement. On April 22nd 1970, the first Earth Day was a day of national protest. US Senator Gaylord Nelson was inspired by the Vietnam War protests on college campuses, and decided to organize a large-scale grassroots demonstration to educate Americans about the importance of environmentalism.

And I found this site with awesome views from the International Space Station.

Hopefully your city’s transit system is developing Light Rail Systems, converting buses to natural gas, implementing those bike rental stations & ride share programs, or planting trees to help the cause.

Personally I contribute to environmental preservation like I’ve posted in my article Are We Smothering Earth With Plastic Bags?  I have to see my physical challenge as another way I’m preserving Earth.  The way I help is by riding my medical scooter to run errands, weather permitting.  It saves fuel & funds and does not pollute the air!  With that, we’re off to recycle my plastic bags, pick up a few groceries and visit the library on this beautiful sunny Sunday!

Lori on her scooter with 2 bags stuffed with plastic bags for recycling.




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