How Are You Doing With That New Year’s Resolution U Made?

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Each Year It’s The Same Thing, Right? 

As I posted a couple of days ago, we are either a student that desires answers or a student that desires understanding.

My resolve this year was to “Delve into 2012.”  (I like rhyme & alliteration.) Which for me meant that I decided to start an online business so that I might not be dependent upon our unstable government programs for the disabled.

Even though I tried to get a jump on it by starting this blog in mid October because that’s when I found an amazing team to help me find the “How To” answers on my resolution I had & have some serious understanding to gain.

I’ve just realized that I am both types of student.  I want answers & I want to understand why or why not & how.

While I plan to be a perpetual student because I believe that if I ever stop learning then I’m not living I couldn’t stand there or sit here & let the fear of the unknown or unfamiliar keep me from action.

Owning Online Real Estate such as a domain name, blog & social media pages requires constant learning, tweaking & change.

Being a strong & resilient person has kept my head & the corners of my lips UP for a long time now.  However, I am human & know that I prefer to be confident at what I’m doing.  That’s probably why many resolutions fail.

When we’ve failed in the past we don’t want to go there again.

Deciding to join Ann Seig’s Renegade Team has helped me gain the self confidence, knowledge, support & techy resources I needed to get going. (the proverbial kick in the pants).

If you are (like 50,000 others per day) considering starting an online marketing business joining this team just may be the solution you are searching for as well.

I have gained a much better understanding & a lot more answers than I had six months ago.

Whenever a new question arises, the online world changes or regulations are revised, The team is handy with solutions, guidance & options.

Whether you are already a brick & mortar business, an MLMer, or a Wannabe you’ll not be disappointed or find more value than offered here.  Join Today!

Thanks for visiting, reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!  Peace Out!  🙂


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