How can I Become a Product Test Dummy to Help Our Environment?

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Let Me Start off By Stating “I’m NOT a Dummy”… just for the record.

I just want to say, for the record, that it’s absolutely absurd the way products are manufactured for quick replacement.

It seems that everything is manufactured specifically to have a very short lifespan so that you are required to buy another slightly upgraded model which is ultimately harmful to our environment.

It’s no wonder our environmental landfills are overflowing and everyone is struggling economically.  Especially with large purchases like large appliances, it used to be that you could count on an appliance to last 30 or 40 years.  A maintenance man recently came out and openly shared that we’d be lucky if one item lasted five years.

While I understand the concept of patents and copyrights it seems the whole idea of interchangeable parts developed by Eli Whitney has been taken to the opposite extreme…to see how quickly we can destroy our environment

I can rarely find a product that is designed to last… and very few are Lori proof!  What I mean by that is that because of the tremors caused by M.S. very few products can withstand the testing I put it through and then end up in landfills.

I could tell a an amazing story about myself and a refrigerator right here but that would take me off track of my point.

My concern is for our environment and our economy. The fact that nearly every gadget sold today is designed to be replaced within six months or a year is extremely harmful and dangerous and a pure waste of valuable resources.

I understand the concept that knowledge and technology are expanding so quickly that updates and upgrades are inevitable but products should be designed with that in mind before allowed on the market.

All I am grateful for the advancements in technology and it is absolutely necessary to again employ concepts of interchangeable parts in order to preserve our environment and help put an end and rampant capitalism.

Seriously, how much of an advancement in technology can destroying the ecology of our environment be? To me it seems to be a digression…Let’s make some changes and reduce our carbon footprint.  So my question remains…How di I persuade manufacturers to allow folks like me test their products before they’re allowed to sell them?




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