How Can You Trust Anyone These Days?

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With our own government, big banks, industry leaders, clergy leaders…you name them: All seem to have money & influence.

I’m more apt to trust websites that don’t have all the “bells & whistles” because they are possibly just like myself, trying to make a go of it in a sea of big fish & don’t have a big bank roll buying up traffic & leads.

When there is a huge amount of capitol backing an organization, company or project it seems to also readily breed corruption & deception.  I don’t mean to sound cynical even though the old adage “It takes money to make money “appears to be the rule.

We all have the ability to make choices.  Steven Covey says this about choices:

Let’s expand the space to create the necessary changes needed to recreate ourselves into our unique possibilities.  I’ve chosen to go against the grain, to not simply believe whatever is presented to me as “my only option.”

Being told that I must take certain toxic medications to slow the progression of this M.S. left me with a choice to believe what was suggested or, choose to feed my body with proper nutrition & water without the toxic side effects.  Thankfully, I have the type of condition that does not require life sustaining medications.

The people that I’ve met with M.S. who’ve chosen to use the medications are mostly in a worse condition than I am.  I did consent to using Avonex for about a year & I felt like it would leave me completely bedridden.

I’ll have managed to keep myself mobile, energetic & productive for 19 years now, without medications.  Choosing not to let my attitude determine my altitude, I press onward & upward.

OK, I’m ranting a bit today…I just think that, as the 99%, we need to support the Mom ‘n Pop Shops.  Work toward change by making the right choice for change.

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