How Do Disabled Entrepreneurs Collaborate So Each Succeeds?

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By working & sharing tips, tools, skills and strategies with each other.

OK, so you may have a disability, a handicap, a condition or whatever you are comfortable with calling your situation. I love the way John Foppe presents his case in this video…

Because of my personality, my upbringing, and living with the ever changing circumstances that M.S. provides, I tend to refer to myself as ‘differently-abled’ as I am constantly having to adjust how I do things to accommodate my abilities.

Like John Foppe, I have gotten fairly skilled at finding adaptive ways of doing what I need to.

I tend to shy away from the word ‘handicapped’ because it implies that I’m looking for and deserving of an advantage, or special privileges, as if I were playing a game against someone more talented and skilled.

Granted, you could look at anything in life and perceive it as if you were playing a game, and essentially that’s exactly what we’re doing. Everything is a learning process, which makes the journey a lot more fun and rewarding when its perceived as a game.

How well are you playing your game?

My proposal to you is that we join forces to make a difference in the economy & especially our own personal economies.

Just sitting around griping about the big corporate giants and politicians is not going to help the situation at all.

When the Moms & Pops formed this great nation’s economy; they weren’t planning to the biggest organizations for goods and services, they were providing for their family and offering to help their neighbors and friends.  They were helping the “little guy” close by.

I’ve written about this subject before, read that article here!

If we want to create change we have to work together to overcome these giants (big corporations) and work toward self sufficiency.

We can help build this new model called The Empathy-driven Economy.  The new jobs being generated are based upon folks like you and me connecting with our peers and developing new products, concepts and ideas then sharing them with the world.

In the same way “Mom and Pop” relied on the Blacksmith, Trappers, Ranchers and Farmers, we can collaborate with other disabled online entrepreneurs, SEO experts, Writers, Advertisers, Video Producers, Marketers…No one can wear all these hats effectively as solo entrepreneurs.

That’s why we need to stay on course, on whatever path we’re on.  We just need the possibilities to build a better road upon which to travel.

I have wrestled with this post for three days now in the midst of preparations to go spend time with my Dad who recently received the news that he has stage 3 lung cancer.  My heart is just not in it right now so, I’ll leave it as is, I mostly wanted to share the inspiration of this video.

Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,

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