How Does A Budding Entrepreneur Wear All Of Those Hats?

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When you surf online you might become lost at sea!

A lost businessman carrying a suitcase at the beach.

How did I end up here?

It can easily happen to anyone.  You may have become attracted to the idea of owning a piece of Internet Real Estate yourself and decided that it seems like too much work.

It isn’t work at all when you’re doing what you love doing!  That is the big difference between a job & your self-designed business.

Person offering you a handshake and a promise to make you rich!

Most say the same thing, few of us believe in ourselves enough to try!

There are claims of many saying, “Start your own online business Today!” “Turnkey System to Instant wealth”…BLAH BLAH, BLAH…

I’m not bashing the industry, just the hype & the big corporations that are destroying our planet, our small businesses and our children’s futures.  I may be wrong here but I think that you have at least toyed with the idea of starting your own home based business or you wouldn’t be reading this .

An old-fashioned boat deck with rudder and other navigation tools.

Navigating Internet business opportunities is much easier these days!

Is it time to begin commanding your own destiny?  A little research will show you that online business start-ups are one of the fastest growing industries of our economy because…

  • Boomer consumers are retiring and seeking fulfillment,
  • An increase in mobility impairments,
  • An increase in chronic disease and disorders,
  • A rise in Jobs becoming automated and computer managed,
  • Outsourcing to foreign countries,
  • General dissatisfaction with job descriptions and titles,
  • Increased work loads for the same pay,
  • The daily commute or,
  • Your boss is an ass.
These factors have all helped create the new era of business called The Empathy-driven Economy.  Literally anyone is now able to design their own niche’ market & start their on passion filled career based on personal interests, values, religious beliefs and goals.
I certainly don’t want to alarm you, but you must consider a few things that hard-core marketers seem to gloss over.

You must wear many hats, hire out or collaborate with others!

Various hats an entrepreneur wears for different duties of running their online business.

Learn as you go!

Hats you primarily need are:

  1. Copywriter for your blog,
  2. Advertiser,
  3. Marketing developer,
  4. Video producer,
  5. And social media manager.

NOTE: You will NOT get rich over night without a HUGE wallet to buy customers and their loyalty.

You’ll need to have some mentors, teachers and coaches because if you already knew how to do everything you wouldn’t be reading this right now!

You may already have a Network Marketing Company, (MLM) you love and wish to promote, or a sweet new product or service, book(s) you’ve written, or a hobby you are passionate about… all of which could form the building blocks of your new business.

The biggest concerns you have about “How do I learn all of this” to begin building my business can start to be understood and learned by downloading your FREE copy of The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto.

I am just one to tell it how it is, not tell you what I think you want to hear.

Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,

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