How Hemp Oil Helped Stop The Itch Of My Supposed Exema / Dermatitis…

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You won’t believe how I got rid of the itch in seconds!

That terrible ITCH that won’t go away and feels like it goes down to the bone, the burning and discomfort are unbearable.  I was just wishing I could crawl out of my skin and run away!

What had been a breakout of my typical Exema – turned violent on me!  Warning: photos are graphic

Yikes!!!  This started the end of April.  (Added stress – which I’m told makes it worse – came with it due to my Dad being diagnosed with lung cancer.)

My lizard claw!

I have suffered from Exema or dermatitis occasionally for my entire life.  Even my case of teenage chicken pox did not itch so severely.    Usually the prescribed Triamcynolone cream takes care of it in a couple days.

I went to the doctor because it would not get better.  Apparently I could not help scratching it and ended up acquiring an infection.  The Doc prescribed Cefalexin antibiotic and a Fluocinonide cream.  Before I could finish the treatment, I also had a severe reaction to one or both medications.

Reaction to the medication.

Now I had a rash up past my elbow.

So then I’m back to the Dr. with another co-pay.  Grrr… This time I’m given the stronger Fluocinonide ointment & no antibiotic and a recommendation to see a dermatologist.  Naturally, no one can get in to “see a specialist” for three weeks.

This new ointment burnt my skin and intensified the itch.  By now three weeks have passed with no relief from that dreadful itch!  Cortaid, triple antibiotic ointment, Gold Bond and cold packs provided only momentary relief and sleep was hard to come by.  Of course the co-pay is double for a specialist but I had to go!

Ended up to be a staff infection  YUK

Ended up to be a staph infection.  YUK

(Ignore the camera dates, I never reset my camera clock…the dumb thing!)

I’m constantly online reading and learning about the benefits, controversy and info of hemp products & stumbled across something about how hemp oil cured someone’s skin cancer. ..think how desperate I was for itch relief after a month of enduring the itch of this  so called – dermatitis!  Whatever you do, DON’T Scratch!  Easy to say right?

With a birthday party to attend I knew I did not wish to spend the evening scratching my arm off so, given what I had read, I went to my refrigerator & got my hemp oil that I’ve been using for salad dressings, dips and sauces and figured it wouldn’t hurt my skin topically.

Spreading the hemp oil on the rash was better than sex …well almost…All I could say was Ahhhhh, relief at last!  The itch was instantly gone and I only wished I’d thought of it three weeks prior.  That night I slept soundly for the first time in a month!  I applied the hemp oil once more the next day for good measure.

Here’s the kicker…The following Monday was the appointment with the “specialist.”  I was excited to tell the Dr. about my discovery.  I should have guessed his response.

He blamed the whole issue on the hemp oil & Neosporin (and I hadn’t even used Neosporin)…”Throw them all away,” he says.  He didn’t give a rats ass that the itch was GONE completely!  Or that the medicines I’d been told to use caused more complications than comfort!  The doctors got paid anyway.

My readers have probably gathered from my blog that I’m not a big fan of the pharmaceutical industry or doctors in the first place and this experience did nothing to change my mind in their favor.  At least the low dose Prednisone, Doxycicline and Clobetasol ointment is healing the rash and scorched skin.

Turns out – I had acquired a staph infection.

I’m NOT advising you to stop going to your doctor, but I am saying to use your own best judgement and do some credible  research for non-life threatening issues before visiting your doctor.

I’d love to hear from others suffering Exema or dermatitis and see if you get similar results.  Here’s something I found on using hemp oil on other benefits for skin issues.

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To our health,


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