How Many Of Our Disorders & Syndromes are Self Inflicted…

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Or Caused By Our Lifestyle & Food Choices?

a bubble covered in health termsAmerica has the safety of the AMA, ADA, FDA, Food AFT, OSHA, NSC, EPA, ADA, CDC, USDA, BBB, CPSC, US Dept of Health & Human Services— the list goes on & on &…

Are these organizations, commissions & businesses really keeping us safe?

Or are they mainly concerned with the bottom line of their P&L statements? (profit & Loss)

With all these protective agencies…

Why is America the sickest nation in the world? (one commentary on the topic)

Obesity trends up.

Diabetes & cancer often co-exist.

One would have to be dead or a space alien not to have heard about what I’m saying…I don’t mean to sound like a “me too here.”

I wonder where the First Family & other government officials food supplies come from & how much of it is part of what all the acronyms have deemed as “safe for human consumption.”

What I am saying is…at the risk of being accused of starting a revolution…

I’m saying that all interested parties need to

  • Join up…
  • Stand up…
  • Or Shut up…

Really…We each only get one life

Nobody gets out alive & all that matters is how we spend the dash— Ms. X 1958 – 2012.

carpe dim written in beach sand

Here now & quickly wiped away.

We may as well let the 1% acronyms make all the money & simply carry on…SSDD

On that note…the IRS requires my attention…- One more acronym that’s there to help provide necessary services & programs??? (tongue in cheek)

Continued tomorrow, Thanks for reading, commenting below & joining my list above.  Hope to see you tomorrow!  Don’t forget to share this!

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