How the Rich Get Richer – Here’s what To Do

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And the Poor Get Poorer…SSDD

Do you know what causes this?


(Or centralization)

When times get tough, people band together and form alliances. They flock to those who have resources for safety and security. Big companies with large cash reserves acquire smaller companies who would otherwise go out of business.

This is why they say the first million is always the hardest, from there it gets easier.

image of interlocking, colorful gears for ease of movement//But for those who hate monopolies, fear not.

If you look at the history of the world, countries, economies and industries, it is just a never ending cycle of centralization –> decentralization –> centralization –> decentralization –> and so on.

This is an extension of my earlier post on Newbies Joining a team for support & encouragement.  It truly is tough out there if you’re alone & not yet a guru.

People grow tired of monopolies…

New technology and innovations create new niches (which of course, the monopolies try to corner)… but eventually large companies/empires become lazy, bogged down with bureaucracy and overextended… leaving holes for younger, more hungry competitors to take advantage of.

Eventually these younger competitors start to chip away at the monopoly’s market share, and the whole cycle repeats itself.

Everything is just a phase.

Sometimes it takes decades, sometimes it takes hundreds of years for the cycle to come full circle.

Right now, we are in the centralization/consolidation phase.

Both in the overall economy as a whole, and more specifically, the internet and home business industries.

So what does consolidation look like in our industry?

What Consolidation Looks Like In Our Network Marketing Industry

The worse the economy gets, the more people that look to our industry.

However, at the same time, for those of us who are already in the industry, advertising gets harder and harder and the competition becomes overwhelming.

As the industry gets more competitive and it becomes almost impossible to keep up with all the changes going on, people look for strength in numbers.

They look for teams they can join that offer protection against increasing costs AND more marketing firepower through advertising channels that wouldn’t normally be available to an individual.

They look for teams where they can pool their resources together, get personal help and guidance from others, form partnerships and relationships, and tap into the knowledge and skill sets of others.

Whichever teams offer the most win.

So Here Is My Advice…

  1. If you aren’t currently working with a team or mastermind group of some kind, find one. Business is a team sport and that’s nothing new if you’ve been on my list, but to put it simply: You’re not gonna make it on your own.

You’ve learned about crafting your own personal USP (unique selling proposition). Time to start working on your team’s USP. How attractive is your team? What sets it apart from other teams? What kind of unique features and benefits can your team, as a whole, offer new prospects?

You can now easily join The Renegade Team…one of the best available! 

Being a Newbie with a disability as an added challenge this team is making it possible for me to stay in the game & stay focused & learning daily!  If you’re in online marketing to stay, in ANY niche’ you’ll seriously find value within The Renegade Team.   I’ll look forward to working with you as will the other 240+ current members!  Join Today!


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