How Will Hemp Laws Ever Be Changed Without Continuity of Terms?

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Is it a challenge worth the effort?

I am continually dismayed by the constant interchanging use of the terms associated with the two main forms of cannabis… Hemp & marijuana. It is my understanding that while both are forms of the cannabis plant, they each have very different qualities.

  • Industrial hemp has no recreational value & tremendous potential to save America & provide sustainable, annual, environmentally beneficial resources.
  • Marijuana is first & foremost associated with recreational use & is generally thought to lead to harder substance abuse.

If we, hemp advocates, don’t continually & collectively maintain a distinction between the two forms, how can we expect the general populace to learn or be aware of the differences? Distinction seems to be our only hope to gaining acceptance & reforming legislative laws on industrial hemp.

I tend to believe that the terminology of the two forms became widely deemed as “hemp” during the prohibition era as a code word by those trying to hide their recreational use of marijuana.  Industrial hemp is quite undesirable for recreational use with unwanted effects os headache & a queasy stomach.

I advocate for the return of industrial hemp for the benefit of America & it’s people.  Medical marijuana obviously has a life of it’s own that does not need any support from me.

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