I Know 1st Hand Ann Seig’s 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing but…

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Are there more? MLM Lie #8…

Which Do You Prefer: Answers or Understandings?

In school there are two kinds of students.

First Kind

Those students worry over directions, and once they’re released to complete the assignment, their hand immediately raises because they have a 101 clarifying questions. They pepper the teacher with these nit picky questions

They want to get the assignment perfectly correct. They want a right “answer.”

In this sense, they’re always trying to follow directions. Trying to follow the teacher’s example.

In doing so, they never really do the real work required to own the assignment or project. They never make it theirs for the taking. Their chief concern is to turn it in and get a pat on the back from the teacher.

Their final projects are mechanical, boring, similar and often miss the mark. Their assignment passes anyway.

This type won’t remember the lessons they were supposed to have learned from the experience.

Second Kind

These students, when released for independent work, either don’t ask any questions, or ask one or two clarifying questions. Usually it’s to run a possible idea by the teacher. They don’t seek the “right answer.”

They want to understand. Once they do, they own it. They make the assignment theirs.

Sometimes they don’t follow all the directions. Sometimes they abandon the assignment all together for some tangent idea they follow, but that’s okay, because they made it what they wanted.

Their final projects are creative, inspiring, and always original. The other kids in the class like to see what they came up with.

They don’t give a crap if the assignment or project passes, even though it always does – with flying colors.

How This Applies To Your Marketing

Use this is analogy for how you can apply learning to market yourself, and/or business on the Internet.

Don’t get caught up with answers, keep your focus on understandings.

The question is not, “Should I post my link on Facebook?”

The question is, “How can I use Facebook so that people can follow what I do in business?”

My Advice

Be student #2 – not just with marketing, but everything you do in life.

Sure, you have to learn the basics of marketing 101, but beyond that, find the best classroom so you can hang with like-minded peers, and then just be “you.”

Be creative.

Seek an understanding of how the marketing game gets played use it as an outline, then create your own rules. Success will arrive sooner this way.

You don’t have to default to do the same models.

And there you have it – MLM Lie #8 – Duplication is a myth.

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