Industrial Hemp IS Making a Come Back…Are you Positioned for Prosperity?

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Hemp would be a boon to Kentucky agriculture, lawmakers say

By Janet Patton —

Posted: 5:23pm on Jan 19, 2012; Modified: 7:26pm on Jan 19, 2012

Read the article here:  I believe that it’s gotta happen soon!

From all I’ve been researching; growing Industrial Hemp would serve to reduce the potency of the marijuana grown anywhere near industrial hemp crops.

That being the case, the banning of hemp & the resultant War on Drugs has only served to increase the effects of the very thing they intended to prevent & has been stuffing the pockets of a handful of the 1% while harming & harassing the 99%.

This article explains it all; follow the money trail!

Research I’ve found online has stated that natural cross pollination would prove to reduce the THC in any nearby marijuana crop!

Isn’t that an ironic discovery?

However, it may NOT seem so ironic to the many, many lives lost, the billions spent & the untold number of needless incarcerations wasted on enforcing these unfounded regulations in the War on Drugs.

The real War on Drugs should be against the pharmaceutical industry.  Too many of those drugs seem to cause more heath concern than they help.

How often do we hear “If you’ve been prescribed XYZ drug, you may be entitled to compensation…call blahblah attorney for an appointment today”…

My choice remains to use a natural approach from nature such as is found only in the Hemp plant as one of two of the healthiest food sources available.

View the videos, read the facts & get started on your healthy new path TODAY!

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