Industrial Hemp Is Still The Next Big Trend And Opportunity

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Officials Actually Look At Industrial Hemp’s Benefits

This is the best presentation to the regulatory agencies I’ve seen yet.

I’d venture to say that most of the people currently in office are as confused about industrial hemp as the general population seems to be.

It simply takes a little bit of research to recognize that what we have been told for years is actually incorrect and deceptive.

Clearing Up The Confusion…

Why shouldn’t we believe what we’ve been taught?

At you can keep up with all the latest information about this amazing plant.  Even better, get involved in the hemp reform  movement and help our economy, environment, and green energy resources by buying, using and giving hemp based products.

We should not continue to simply believe that industrial hemp should be classified the same as marijuana.

industrial hemp crop is about 10 -12 feet tall

Industrial hemp is about 10-12 feet tall.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to tell the difference between the two plants.

A marijuana plant is usually about 3 -5 feet tall

a marijuana plat is usually 3-5 feet tall and bush-like

The 1% have done such a thorough job of convincing everyone that industrial hemp should remain banned because it would hurt their bottom line.

It only stands to reason that if any of us owned interests in pharmaceuticals and hemp oil might replace chemical drugs we may also work to keep it banned.

It only stands to reason that if any of us owned interests in crude oil production – greed might get to us also.

Clothing made from hemp tends to last a lot longer than those made of synthetic or cotton materials thereby cause financial harm to the garment district.

There is a plethora of products that could be made from hemp instead of trees – one would think the officials would want to save the forests.

The research I have found on hempcrete would help our energy saving efforts – WOW – how many problems would that solve? Oh wait, I forgot, – the oil tycoons might lose a little bit of money!

These are just a few of the reasons why we should NOT continue to believe everything they have been teaching or forcing on us.

With the current trends, the education, and the aging population I am believing that industrial hemp will become the next booming business.

I am working to position myself at the front end of this up and coming marketplace.

No doubt, I will have more on this topic in future.

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