Is Corruption & Deception Within Upper Level Leaders Destroying Our Culture & Trust?

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Oh, How it saddens me to think about how much the “LOVE Of MONEY” controls the motives, attitudes & actions of people.  I wish to preserve my personal integrity, straight forwardness & honesty.

As someone who, by all rights, could play the “victim” card, I strive not to.  I’m simply trying to learn how to build an online presence and trying to help other people stay healthy and build their own businesses in their own niche’.   Doing so without compromising myself is a trick.

Essentially, I abhor the art of marketing psychology that seems to be required to be successful in business whether it be online or in a brick and mortar setting.

I cannot seem to gain the mentality that it takes to be as manipulative as those involved in causing the recent economic crisis. I don’t wish to become another peddler of hype, scarcity tactics, and false “limited time only” offers.

Maybe I’m doomed to be the tail & not the head.  Some teachings state that “The last shall be first & the first shall be last.”  I guess I’m too honest for my own good.

I DO believe in the idea that everyone has the potential to become more than they have been.

For those who wish to work with me with me feel free to contact me & let’s get started.  I can refer you to resources for either type of system.  More on this another day…

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