Is “I’m so fat” A Common Conversation Point With Your GF’s?

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Here’s How to Fix that.

I was reading an article in the StyleList at The Huffington Post & I loved  ‘s idea about a comment jar requiring $1. deposit each time a self-effacing statement leaves the confines of our mouths.  The Huffington Post is matching funds & donating them to Girls Inc.

I know I could use a jar like that for times when I’m guilty of making a similar comment.

Or maybe I could put a twist on it.

If I could hang a jar around my neck & require a $1. donation every time I someone say “I can’t wait until…”  I mean…can you change time?  What a heap of good I could do with those funds.

If  “I’m so fat,” is a common debate topic in your circles, & you’re saying “I can’t wait until,” or “I can’t lose weight” or I can’t wait to find a new job,”…DECIDE  TODAY to stop the lip service & take action!

Here are some easy solutions:

1.  Have you considered owning a piece of Internet property but are afraid you wouldn’t know how to begin?  Don’t have a product or service to offer?  Not Internet tech savvy?  Don’t have a list?  Don’t think you can write?

I’m here to tell you that 6 months ago I was in the same position- except for the writing part!  I vaguely knew what a blog was.  I didn’t know what all the buzz about Attraction Marketing was.

The secret for Newbies is to start with OPP…other people’s products.  Learn the skills & strategies of the gurus…by promoting affiliate products while you develop your own niche & learn the skills.

Become an affiliate of some of the most sought after Guru’s products.  Need a proven system with step by step instructions? That’s what is available when you join The Renegade Team!

2.  Everyday, hundreds of thousands decide to loose weight & get in shape.  The easiest way I’ve done this is by using the weight management programs at Restoration90.

Choose one of the four levels of commitment based upon personal needs & desires.  The programs not only helps you loose but teaches you how to keep it off.  Take the Raw Promise Challenge & easily make it your final weight loss program.  Health is a habit not an event.

3.  Any & all of the links in the list above will provide you with an opportunity to take that step toward your new business opportunity.  I needed to have a proven step by step system to follow so I started with The Direct Marketing Coach System (DMC+).

2/1/13..Revision…While the principles mentioned above are sound, I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of with Restoration90.  All the more reason to follow the teachings of DMC+ and market yourself instead.

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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