Is Your HEART In Whatever Your Into?

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If not, Why Not?

In thinking about Valentine’s Day & what I wanted to talk about today should involve the heart! 

I decided that if my heart wasn’t in it then I shouldn’t be doing it.

Everyone who has ever even considered becoming a entrepreneur, becoming a painter or a pianist, writing a novel or anything else, if you didn’t jump in with all your heart then you probably wouldn’t succeed anyway.

Much like drawings on the beach sand, those willy-nilly projects will erode, wash away or get blown away with the passage of time.

Researching and discovering what really makes your heart pound is a critical component for success!

Recently realizing that I needed to find a way to create and build a job for myself and help others do the same, my research brought me to blogging, industrial hemp and I have always been into health.

Given that I have been in in some form of MLM related to nutritional products for about 20 years and have been involved (for the past eight years) with a company that recently launched a hemp based product line I realized that I was already in heartfelt alignment.

Being physically challenged with the uncertain future of having been diagnosed with MS, I truly want to connect with people and hopefully help keep others from preventable diseases.

I am in no way saying that the products I am using are a cure for anything but that our bodies are amazing miracles that can overcome many things if given the right building blocks.

Raw materials grown from the earth are just such perfect building blocks!

Maybe you have been searching for the effective combination that is right for your body and been lost in the ocean of advertisement and hype.  Just this week the company I represent has launched a program where you can, address your particular health concerns and issues under a medical doctor’s recommendations to specifically target your needs and interests.

You can check out this new system called Restoration90 byclicking here.  You can get an immediate preferred customer discount when you decide to put your heart into it and commit to yourself.  Try these delicious, raw whole foods, essential oils, personal care items and environmentally friendly products and Love yourself first!

Remember – Health is a habit not an event!  If I had known this before I developed MS I may not be facing this challenge.  If I don’t stick to my raw, whole food diet I notice immediate negative effects.

Where is your heart? Check out Restoration90 today!

2/1/13..Revision…While the principles mentioned above are sound, I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of here.

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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