It’s Voting Day 2012 – Will The Outcome Make You Happy Or Sad?

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Every Day Presents Choices…Whatever The Election Outcome

It is always up to each of us how we respond to the choices that we and others make.

Election Day 2012

RNC vs DNC…the constant battle…

Granted, whatever the outcome of the polls today half of the population that voted in this election – are going to be disgruntled.  Sadly, those that don’t vote will complain the loudest!

Whatever the outcome, we will all have to live with the results for the next four years – barring any unforeseen circumstances.  Anyway you look at it whatever happens we’ll all still have to live with it.  We will NOT discuss any other options.

In actuality, it’s the choices that we make on a daily basis that have the biggest impact.

How many of these things do you allow to effect your day or attitude?

  • The weather,
  • someone else’s bad attitude,
  • lost luggage,
  • an unexpected traffic jam,
  • an accident – (unintentional occurrence of any kind)

Choices are either very helpful or very harmful.  Choices are difficult or easy, some are elected & some are forced upon you.

How can one make a choice to be content with a disease causing disability?

I do it daily simply because I don’t care for the alternative.  Each of us want to believe that acquiring a disability won’t happen to them.  But, just like an election outcome you must accept the results.

Unlike an election, you can choose the effects of the choices you make for your the future. Choices like:

  • Your dietary choices,
  • Your personal attitudes,
  • The products you purchase,
  • Your faith,
  • Your activities,
  • Your friends,
  • Your influence on others
  • Your decisions
Election Day 2012 - red white & blue backgound with a crowd of raised hands.

A pivotal day in America!

Whatever they are – MAKE THEM COUNT!  If I choose the pharmaceutical approach I compromise the effects of the nutritional effects of a healthy diet.
If I choose to buy products that harm the environment, I choose to harm my health & yours too!
If I choose to harbor resentment & anger over uncontrollable circumstances, I compromise my own level of peace & harmony, my health & my countenance.
If I choose to be apathetic, I choose to give up my RIGHTS!
Stand up for your beliefs, your rights, your decisions and your choices.  Your daily choices make the biggest difference in all America’s decisions.  GO VOTE TODAY & DON’T LET THE RESULTS RUIN YOUR DAY!

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