How Life Can Hit You With Bricks – Don’t Quit – Build Something

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Build Anything You Love

But, be creative not competitive.  You must find your own niche’.

Because, death awaits us all – Now is all we have.

Wouldn’t you hate to think that your main purpose in the universe is only to create more “poop”?

You, and I, were created for more than that – we have to believe it, search for it, try things out, fail sometimes and try something new – anew!

Personally, I’m excited about my new Purple Cow.  It gives new meaning to “a healthy poop.”  When your body is happy – you are happy!   …check it out here: Synergism at it’s best.

Synergism is – The sum of 1 + 1 is greater than 2.

  • Everything in nature thrives in synergy.
  • One of the best examples is WATER – We’re ideally 70 – 80% water just like the earth!
  • Synergism is that the world’s largest (a whale) survives on tons of the earth’s smallest (krill.)
  • Nothing survives without water.
  • Plants feed us and we feed the soil they grow in.
  • The list is endless.
  • Synergy is loving your work so that it’s no longer feels like work.
Having optimal health requires water soluble bio available nutrients to create synergy within our internal environment.
What are you doing to create synergy in your life?

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