Many reasons to be Hemp Aware!

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I said “Many” because hemp can not fix human natures but, it IS so versatile that it has the potential to solve so many problems, and take a big chunk out of or eliminate chronic issues America is facing!

1. Hemp production would CREATE JOBS in a new sustainable, green market.

2. Hemp is a clean, green source that could be made into biofuels with zero emissions, thereby reducing dependence on foreign oil & reduce air pollution, the need for drilling and the possibility of oil spills.  WIN-WIN-WIN!

3. Hemp is being made into hempcrete (in another country) which has high thermal qualities as a building material thereby decreasing energy consumption for both heating and cooling.

4. Hemp is an excellent healthy food source/supplement which could, in turn, improve healthcare issues & COSTS.

5. Hemp is being made into biodegradable plastics which would reduce landfill waste products.

6. One acre of Hemp produces in 120 days the same amount of pulp for paper as does 40 acres of trees in 20 years.

7. Hemp farming could put an end to government spending on farm subsidies thereby also putting farmers back to work while restoring the topsoil.

8. Hemp production in America should be an export product instead of an import product…more jobs & revenue!

9. Hemp clothing & shoes are much more durable and non-synthetic.

10. Pheeew…That’s not to mention the fact that the plant cleans the air and soil, is useful in making textiles, resins & rope and…and…and…

11. Check out the videos on page 2 of this link
I hope I’ve sparked an interest and given you good reasons to Get Involved! Get Inspired!  Get Hemped Up!  Get Healthy!  Get Green!  Get Rewarded!

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