Micelles? Why You Should Find Out…

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Micelle Technology To The Rescue…Viz is Hungarian for Water

All of this is only important to you if you recognize the importance of having your body being able to utilize the supplements you’re taking – otherwise, stop reading now.

Our bodies consist of over 60% water, as you probably know.  Since digestion takes place in the water environment of our digestive system, our body composition enables digestion and utilization of certain substances and inhibits others.

Some of the most vital nutrients such as Vitamins D, E, A, CoQ10, fish oils and most plant extracts are fat-soluble, making it difficult for our bodies to fully utilize them.

Our body’s solution to these substances is to create micelles to help absorption.  Simply put, micelles are like small cages, water loving on the outside and fat loving on the inside.

Natural micelles are formed in our body where good fats are encased in the “cage” which helps them “swim” in the water environment of the digestive system.

When micelles come into contact with the intestinal cells they release the content of the fat-soluble nutrients enabling absorption into the cells. These good fats can then be transported within the cell and excreted into the blood and lymph and ultimately reach your vital organs.

Unfortunately, our naturally formed micelles only cover the regular needs of the body, and as we age, the number of micelles naturally produced by the body decreases.

A Swiss doctor and pharmacist have developed a process to naturally create stable micelles in their laboratory. Simply put, this process encases vital fat-soluble nutrients in the micelle “cage” to make them more bio-available.


Dr. Schoenfeld studied medicine in Germany receiving his MD in 1980. Dr. Schoenfeld also held various positions in research and management in the pharmaceutical industry.

In 1991 he started his industrial career at Bayer AG in the field of anti-infective research and research management and joined PLIVA d.d. in 1998, Croatia, the leading pharmaceutical company in CEE, serving there as Director of Anti-infective Research.

In the biotech area Wolfgang was CEO of MIXIS France after its acquisition by PLIVA and finally left the company to found Eucodis GmbH in Vienna, which he managed as CEO until 2008.

During this time his team successfully developed a leading edge technology in the field of evolutionary biodiversity to acceptance by various markets. He received the “venia legendi” for experimental microbiology in 1993, and is member of various boards in the life science industry and academia. Wolfgang joined Green River Pharma AG in 2009.

After his pharmaceutical studies at the University of Basel Hans-Peter Strobel worked for F. Hofmann La Roche AG in Basel, Siegfried AG in Zofingen and for IKS Berne (now: Swissmedic Bern).

In 1992, he took over the Kongress pharmacy in Davos, and 2002 he established a galenical laboratory in Davos. As Head of Laboswiss AG, he is involved in the development of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement products as well as cosmetics and veterinary products. He is the inventor of the solubilisation process.

This technology is patented and exclusive.

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Micelles? Why You Should Find Out… — 3 Comments

  1. Rick Redford
    Nov 25 (2 days ago)

    to me
    It is not a patent in the US.
    It is a patent in Europe and patent pending other regions.
    Also, Viz is not the patent holder.
    It is held by the Swiss entity.

    Best Regards,

    Rick Redford

    • I just noticed that the response from corporate didn’t get posted here…my mistake…here it is.

      Rick Redford

      to me
      It is not a patent in the US.
      It is a patent in Europe and patent pending other regions.
      Also, Viz is not the patent holder.
      It is held by the Swiss entity.

      Best Regards,

      Rick Redford

      P 801.683.6610
      Skype: rickredford1

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