Missing A Concept Or Is It Just Self Doubt & Rebellion?

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I wrote yesterday about feeling like “the odd man out.”

Keeping up with current business techniques, trends & tactics is a job in & of itself!

Creating a web presence without all the latest technology & tools requires extra tenacity & tactics.  I doubt I’ll outsmart the system or reinvent the wheel & will be forced to “join the crowd” in order to succeed as a Disabled Online Marketer.  OH, the peer pressure!

It seems illogical that all website owners must possess & use the same skills & techniques in order to succeed as an Online Marketer.  However, it seems that it’s the only way!

For instance…I am so burnt out on all these loooong & wordy “squeeze pages” that everyone & his brother are posting on the www.  I’m supposed to be creating them too.

Obviously these squeeze pages or lead capture pages are working, & doing the job they were designed to do.

Having physical challenges is an added challenge because cell phones, I-pads & video equipment are all created for the masses & not very user friendly for a shaky Jake like myself!

I’m supposed to be creating videos too!  When I get that done they’re likely be PowerPoint or Windows Live Movie Maker productions.

True, I never have liked my camera face but I’ll have to overcome that obstacle too because I’m planning to maintain my online presence & objective.  Tenacity is what is required to dispel the self doubt most folks have.

Rebellion & being rebellious is another personal obstacle I must deal with…I don’t wish to be like everyone else who are posting those squeeze pages.  So many appear to be hype & tell you what they’re going to tell you several times over before they tell you again what value you’ll get from their product or service.

Apparently Online Marketing Strategies are one type of peer pressure you simply must give into. However, with a dose of stubbornness, a tad of persistence and a shot of perseverance there is always room for all of us!

SO, Until I accomplish those tasks, I’ll continue with my blog posts, Facebook Fan Page promotion, blog comments, fine tuning my niche’ & target market & search engine optimization.

Die with lead, learn, grow written on itI’d love to work with you as you begin your online business.  An easy way to get started is by joining The Renegade Team where you can acquire help & support with any & all challenges you may face.

If I can do this on a restricted budget & limited skills…everyone can do it!  Together we can  all succeed.  Let’s get started today!  Join The Renegade Team!  It even includes a ready made  squeeze page like that one!

Thanks for visiting, reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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