Do You Need To Use Adaptive Equipment To Survive On Your Computer or Online?

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I know I do & am thankful for the folks that manufacture this stuff!

For my fellow disabled online marketers with dexterity issues or tremors like mine, I decided to write this review & spread the info about this wonderful product.  I’m not receiving compensation for this, I’m simply sharing info for my fellow friends & visitors.

Intellikeys keyboard from IntelltoolsThe first piece of adaptive equipment I obtained in order to even be able to use my computer write a note or letter, keep my agenda/calendar, balance my checkbook or any task involving writing was the Intellikeys Keyboard from IntelliTools.

This product might be a perfect gift for an aging parent struggling with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis or other similar condition.

This handy tool has the mouse functions built into the keyboard.  This feature allows my to click where I wish.  A standard mouse will NOT hold still for me…LOL  More like…my hand refuses to cooperate with my brain.

Coupled with the 96-hole Keyguard I am able to strike the correct key and thereby reduce my key stoke errors.

I just noted that there is now an IntelliBraille version too!  Hooray for technological advancements!

Managing a blob or website as a disabled online marketer or journalist is challenging enough, adaptive equipment makes it easier for us.

I would love to hear about equipment that you use to make life easier for yourselves.  Please leave a comment below & let me know what accommodations you’ve made, discovered or invented for yourself.

Lori Emmons

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