Newly Online? What Should You Do First?

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Tips For My Fellow Newbies…

Actually, I’m not such a newbie at many things!

  • I’m not newly disabled.
  • Its not my first shot at business, online or otherwise.
  • I’m not naive.
  • I know I need help. (not the psychiatric kind either smarty pants!)
  • I know that nobody can do it alone, so don’t even try.

So you’ve heard…

  • You must be blogging
  • You must have a Facebook profile
  • And a Business Fan Page
  • Be on Twitter
  • And LinkedIn
  • Creating good, valuable content,
  • And  videos
  • Learn SEO,
  • Visit other blogs,
  • Create your own product
  • Build a list
  • Use an auto responder
  • Write ad copy…

Pheeeew… When I look at it that way, I’m tired already!

Have I scared you away now?

Well, to me, doing that much work & giving 8-10 hours a day to a company job sounds even worse!

A Disabled Online Marketer or Disabled Entrepreneur has added hurdles to overcome in order to succeed!

Since I know I can’t do this alone, I knew I’d need help so I joined a team of entrepreneurs…

  • A type of a  mastermind group.
  • A group of like-minded entrepreneurs & business owners.
  • A personable group of mentors
  • A support team
  • A plethora of resources
  • An army of information
  • A wealth of experience & knowledge
  • Essentially 24/7 support!

Where Did I get all these benefits?  They’re available to you as well!

Join the Team at Direct Marketing Coach+ Today!  Yes I earn a one time affiliate bonus but you’ll thank me later should you take advantage of this amazing tool!

Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,


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