Are We Suffocating Earth With Plastic Bags?

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About four years ago I decided to “go green” and buy reusable bags for hauling my groceries home in.  About the same time my grocery store started recycling plastic bags.  At first it took a little time to get used to bringing my reusable bags with me when I went shopping, but after I decided to start collecting plastic bags for recycling it only took me about a month for it to become an ingrained habit. Now my reusable bags go with me everywhere to make any purchase at every store because I keep them in my car.  If an item is too big for the bags I simply carry it out myself without a bag.

When I started realizing how many items we purchase that come in plastic bags I started thinking that maybe the plastic bags are suffocating the earth and contributing to global warming, as I believe it would have the same effect on the soil and the plants as to a child.  We’re suffocating Mother Earth!

Take stock, plastic bags are everywhere! Our TP, our bread, new socks and underwear, produce purchases, new bed linens, macaroni and cereal, frozen vegetables, tissue boxes, notebook paper… The list is endless!  Each month I collect and recycle a large bag crammed full of plastic bags I have collected and return for recycling.

Knowing that we have the knowledge, resources and technology to produce biodegradable plastic and have yet to convert our production to biodegradables is a disgrace to humanity!!  I will take a guess that the manufacturers of plastic bags fear that they will lose money (the root of all evil) in the process of converting production to biodegradable plastics.  Its a disgrace to have consumerism ruling our lives!

Hemp plants are an excellent source of byproducts to produce biodegradable plastics. At the same time, from the same plants, a myriad of other beneficial products could be produced. I am convinced that decriminalizing growing hemp plants in America could be the miracle that everyone is looking for to save the world from suffocating ourselves &; maybe reduce global warming?!? Just a thought!

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