Health Care – OH Boy, Did We Have A Seriously Great Health Day!

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A Day Filled With Blessings, In Spite Of  Our Physical Challenges…

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Focus on finding things to be grateful for every day.

It is the first day of Autumn and I awoke knowing I’d be starting the day receiving a gift of something which should be a basic provision of Health Care — I mean, after my usual breakfast consisting of an apple and some whole grain cereal.

Dentistry of the Heart – here in Denver – was offerings your choice of a complimentary cleaning, an extraction or a filling!

I had been wondering for far too long where I was going to get the money for a cleaning and last night I opened my Facebook and found out about this amazing gift from a dear friend’s daughter!

But it doesn’t stop there…

As we were waiting – my friends and I had an amazing conversation with another patron while we waited for our gifts of service!  Hopefully that rather large woman gained some tips on avoiding Aspartame, being green and eating healthfully from us.

We were discussing our various health conditions (mine more obvious as I had entered in my wheelchair) and how we were managing to stay as healthy as we are.

Given the state of the standard American diet – abbreviated SAD – you become one of four things, angry, despondent, depressed, or motivated when thinking or speaking about health and wellness or health care.

The first three responses don’t help anyone and I have chosen to be motivated to educate others about the dangers of Aspartame and how I maintain a decent level of health and wellness through – awareness, food choices, fitness and energy.

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Always shooting for                   the best health!

Long story short – our discussion about healthy eating brought up the topic of a local bakery called the Great Harvest Bread Co.

The first and last thing you want to do after you’ve just had your teeth cleaned is to go and eat something – you guessed it – I was at Great Harvest as fast as I could get there because I knew they always give you a slice of bread of your choosing upon arrival and I was starving!

Hang in there the story gets better still…

I’ve posted about my roommate and I riding our scooters to run errands and get outside more.

Well, it just so happens that today – one of my health and wellness affiliates sponsors a community stand day, which means you go and do something good for the community.

We had already decided that we were going to take a garbage bag and our grabbers to clean up along the route we ride – just one day – because we get so disgusted with all litter that care-less people throw around.

It is very sad the amount of trash that people just leave on the bus bench, throw on the ground, or toss out the window, it’s just one little thing, it won’t matter, right?  Our one mile ride filled our 15 gallon trash bag.

An angel in wisps of air

What kept the wind from blowing that $20 away?

Well,- I said I had a good day, – if we had not been picking up trash we probably would have ridden right past the $20.00 bill I found near the bus stop!  I feel bad for the person that lost it, but not bad enough to turn it in… that would be pointless! 🙂

So the moral of the story is that it is better to keep a positive attitude and outlook, and always try to make healthy choices.  So even if you’re disabled, doing good things for yourself and the community Is a great form of healthcare .

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