What Inspires & motivates You Into Action?

Feeling sorry for yourself won’t motivate or inspire either!

I am constantly inspired by people with bigger challenges than I can even imagine dealing with.

Sometimes feeling frustrated with my adaptive equipment & typing slowly with one finger or another, all 10 of mine still work…

While recently looking for connections with my target audience I ran across someone who does as well with only ONE thumb.  Glenda Watson Hyatt is a huge inspiration for me.

I learned a few things while visiting Glenda’s site about optimizing for my audience “Disabled Online Marketers.”

One of the first things the general population gurus teach marketers to do is to keep visitors on your site by opening links in a new window or tab.  Immediately, that proves to leave out the sight challenged who use JAWS to read web content.

I will have to learn how to use alt tags for my images & videos toot sweet.  Short post today as I have work to do!  Thank you Glenda!