Are You Allowing Your Condition to Control Your Ambition?

Or Are You Wanting to  Choose Another Option?

Obviously I don’t in any way claim to have walked a mile in your shoes, or even a few steps, however, I do believe in the power of choice in many situations.  I’m writing to those who are out there online looking for an opportunity or a road map through your circumstances.  Seriously, Who would choose to be disabled?

Life, to me, is a journey.  A journey similar to playing a card game.  Sure there must be some game guidelines to follow & certain general limitations…such as “the golden rule” & “do unto others.”  Aside from that, not much else should factor into your game plan.

This card game has 2 elements, one being luck & the other is strategy.

Luck is the part where the cards are dealt with that random factor.  Some of the randomness comes from your location at the time of delivery & some is based on previous decisions made during the play of the game.

The choices one makes & the cards dealt can leave you on mountain tops or in the trenches.

This brings to mind The Serenity Prayer which states in part:

“God grant me the the Serenity to accept what I cannot change, the Courage to change what I can, & the Wisdom to know the difference.”

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Where each path of each player crosses each & every other players’ path presents one or more option.  This is where acceptance of circumstance may require courage and serenity.

Each option chosen creates a far reaching ripple that affects & effects each future choice of each player.  Each choice is made based upon each players’ past experiences- their personal wisdom.  There’s no way another player should dictate what or how a change should take place.

A key factor in how your ambition affects your game is largely based on your attitude which, in turn,  will dictate your trench or mountain top experience.

Choosing to remain static is usually a personal choice.  I also believe that the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.  So, acknowledge change, let go of the fear & choose to follow your ambitions.

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Reflect on this, and post a comment with your thoughts below.

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Aspartame-Should You Consume it or Completely Avoid it?

What wasn’t presented to the FDA in a 1975 study:

“In their investigation, the FDA 1975 Task Force reviewed a study done for Searle in 1969 by Dr. Harry Waisman, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin. The study involved feeding aspartame mixed with milk to seven infant monkeys. After 300 days, five monkeys had gran mal seizures and one died. Dr. Waisman died before all of his studies were completed. The Task Force uncovered that when Searle had submitted the Waisman study to the FDA, all the negative data had been omitted (The Deadly Deception 6-7).”  To quote the renowned Dr. Mercola…the complete article is here:

Then WHY do we give the FDA so much credibility?

The FDA probably has protected us from some harm, & there surely needs to be some governing entity in place.  However, how can we be certain that said entity is not subject to  propaganda & profiteering agendas of individuals or corporations?  We are remiss in believing that just because the FDA is a government agency/bureau/program, or whatever  it is, doesen’t mean they are without human frailties.

It seems strange to me that the obesity rate in America appears to correlate to the introduction & increase of the inclusion of this suspicious substance.

Personally, I had discovered several years ago that I can worsen my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis simply bu chewing one piece of gum containing the destructive & detrimental substance.  How many diabetics are destroying their nervous systems with Aspartame?  It is a neuro-toxin for me which I avoid like the plague.  Could it be a factor in having my disability?

I’ll be back with this topic another day…please share your thoughts on this below…


Are You Disabled & Searching for a Legitimate Online Marketing Business?

I Know I was, because there are so many misleading ones out there!

Living & dealing with  a disability is not an easy place to be.  Suddenly or otherwise, you may be find yourself feeling like you’re trapped.  Feeling like you have no purpose in life. Feeling like there’s no way out.  You feel that there’s got to be a way to work from home!

All of that can leave you feeling frustrated, scared & alone.  Being diagnosed over 18 years ago with Multiple Sclerosis was a wake-up call for me.  Having been an at-home-mom, without a college degree, & had very limited work experience, I went in search of possibilities.

I knew I had to find a way to supplement the very small SSDI check.  I had to find & carve out a new purpose for myself.

Add to that the fact that my physical abilities are compromised, hasn’t made my search any easier either.

One of the most important things you & I can do for ourselves is learn new skills, & attitudes that will enhance the quality of our lives & businesses.  For me, I definitely want & need to learn more about creating videos which is all the rage these days. Seems everyone has a few of them posted now.  A person could spend the rest of their days watching these clips! 

Okay, so you may have joined an MLM company and if so, you probably love the products or services but find the typical marketing methodologies taught by your organization to be ineffective & undesirable especially as a physically challenged individual.  I know I do or did.

If you’re newly differently-abled, as I like to call it, or physically challenged, Join my email list for tips on maintaining a positive attitude, in the upper right hand corner of this page.

I have found several tools to help you get started.  My first recommendation would be

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Good Deeds of 2011, Happy New Year

I collected these Random Acts of Kindness from the web today to end 2011 with stories to renew our faith in in humanity and present another perspective to the mainstream media!

Donated yarn provides hats for students…a must read

Columbine’s 1st victim, Rachael, inspires 2500 students to help others: a story here: or video here:  Rachael\’s Challenge

Giving Anonymous Christmas Gifts shows the true meaning: 







Despite what the media is saying Global Good News says:

We each can make a difference someway in someone’s life somewhere.  I encourage  & CHALLENGE YOU TO MAKE THAT A PART OF OUR RESOLUTIONS FOR 2012!