You Can’t Have “Hemp” So You Are More Determined to Have “Hemp.”

Confusion about Hemp

Hemp is a deadly drug. ~NOT~

Hemp will kill you. ~NOT~

Hemp is the same as marijuana ~NOT~

When told you can’t have something, doesn’t it make you want it even more?   Isn’t that the one of the truest statement of all humanity?

Since Industrial Hemp was outlawed in 1937 the federal government has wrongly classified hemp as “the same” as marijuana and has spent billions on needless regulations, prevention programs, enforcement, incarcerations, rehabilitation programs and who knows what else.

Now that science has shown the benefits of hemp products & medical marijuana the government may finally start changing their tune BUT, as citizens we MUST keep after those in power & INSIST on re-structuring these outdated regulations.  Taxed & regulated, these two plants would reestablish our stability as a nation.

The feds are feeding from both sides of the trough…  They tax the use & sale then they impose fines for the same.

Let’s STOP this senseless “War on Drugs,” as it relates to hemp & marijuana. Prohibition didn’t work with alcohol…it’s NOT working with marijuana…  industrial hemp NOT even a mind altering drug!  

Are Economic Changes Decreasing the Value of your Degree?

I doubt that this is news to very many of my readers, but if you are currently working to earn a Degree or get a new one…well then stop reading this post now!By the time you pay off the fees, tuition, etc…your job  description & title could be obsolete.

With the current state of America’s economy & job market an individual in college is not likely or rather quite unlikely to be able to find employment in their chosen field.

To quote Adam Davidson of the New York Times published Nov 23, 2011… “One of the greatest changes is that a college degree is no longer the guarantor of a middle-class existence. Until the early 1970s, less than 11 percent of the adult population graduated from college, and most of them could get a decent job. Today nearly a third have college degrees, and a higher percentage of them graduated from nonelite schools. A bachelor’s degree on its own no longer conveys intelligence and capability. To get a good job, you have to have some special skill — charm, by the way, counts — that employers value. But there’s also a pretty good chance that by some point in the next few years, your boss will find that some new technology or some worker overseas can replace you.”

All of this provides excellent reasons to develop your persona, find your niche”, & start your own home based business online.  Just taking those first steps are absolutely the hardest part…if you’re like most people the “fear factor” the fear of change are all that is stopping you.

You’ve probably heard that “More millionaires were made through Network Marketing than all other industries combined,” or that “More millionaires were created in the Great Depression than any time in history.”  We can have both factors working in our favor even if you aren’t involved in a company or organization currently.

There are many types of tools, tutorials, programs, products, and more to help even the novice.  Here is an excellent place to begin:

Check it out by clicking the image above

Change Resulting from the Greatest Tragedies Generate the Most Benefits!!

When tragedy of any kind strikes, our common thought is often to ask

“Why Me?”  

To me that question is almost like wishing the circumstance should have happened to someone else.

Change is inevitable for everyone at any time or place.  What matters is our response to that change.  We can choose to allow it to defeat us OR we can choose to benefit from the experience.

We can become bitter & angry about any change, OR we can benefit by learning new skills & adapting to our new circumstances while gaining emotional maturity & personal growth.  Granted we aren’t chameleons; able to change in seconds or minutes…  it takes dedication & perseverance, hard work…and a BIG reason for making  the adjustments toward emotional maturity or personal growth.

I want to encourage anyone facing a diagnosis or accident that you are not that label & to look for the humor in “the littlest things.”  When you begin changing your personal attitude about circumstances which are out of your control you’ll feel that much more in control & can maintain your positive attitude.

Surround yourself with positive influences in family, friends, books, movies and online resources.  I found that when I focus on others then I can accomplish more.  I highly recommend you get & read 29 Gifts by Cami Walker.  

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Thanksgiving & Gratitude for our farmers & organizations like Feed Denver who are truly making a difference in our lives! Thank you!

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Bless the Hands that Made the Food

In Ireland they say a quick grace, “Bless the hands that made the food.” On this Thanksgiving Day let’s take a moment to remember the journey that our food takes to find itself on our tables.

From the farmer to the food crafter, the baker to the butcher, the trucker to the grocer; every item on your plate carries a story of people and land and tradition. We speak and worry often about the state of our food system. We understand that it is important to rebuild our local food resources. But on this day let’s remember the truth about the many individuals toiling worldwide to bring this holiday to us this year. The conditions may be challenging, the distances traveled vast but the food is being raised and grown and provided by food workers from around the country who work long and hard to support their families and communities by bringing in the harvest, processing the turkeys, packing, transporting, and selling so we can celebrate with our friends and families on this special day.

Thanksgiving is about stopping and acknowledging the year’s harvest while gathering with our loved ones to count our blessings. At Feed Denver we are grateful for those who feed us all now for it is through their toil and dedication that we are healthy and nourished. As we work to enliven and expand farming and food localization in Colorado we know it is only with the presence of the current food system that we are able to explore this work at all for we are but a part of the whole as we work to rebalance our local food shed.

Over the next weeks we will be sharing with your our progress this year and asking you to remember us in your holiday and end of year generosity. At Feed Denver our mission is to make urban farming successful in Colorado one seed, one farm, and one farmer at a time.

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Time To Reform & Rethink Industrial Hemp Legislation

  • We, I think, have come to trust our federal government for far too long – readily believing that they have our backs and are FOR THE PEOPLE rather than preserving their own bottom line or agendas.  Industrial hemp is a perfect example of that issue.
  • We, I think, have allowed the DEA to misconstrue the facts about industrial hemp far too long – to the point that we now must try to force reform of current laws.
  • We, I think, have trusted the FDA & CDC to guide our thoughts on medicines and vaccinations which we supposedly “must have.” – to the point that I get quizzical stares when asked “What prescriptions are you taking?” and my answer is zero!  It’s uncommon that someone with a chronic condition like MS rarely even takes a pain pill.
  • We, I think, need to occupy more than Wall Street!  We need to reevaluate obsolete, archaic laws and regulations which are hindering our growth or advancement in preserving our planet, implementing health care reform, drug reform, energy reform and economic reform.
  • We, I think, MUST STAND TOGETHER & stand up demanding reform & revitalization of the USA beginning with industrial hemp and its plethora of benefits.
  • We, I think, by reclassifying and using Industrial hemp could and would help rebuild America’s position as the greatest nation on earth, – get our economy back on track, our environment healthier,Facilitate making Health Care more affordable, and create more jobs to help keep it that way.
  • We, I think, need to occupy the Federal government to we realize some effective changes within our write economy, employment, environment and green energy sectors.
  • We, I know, are losing out on a major export product as well.
I know it seems like I’m presenting industrial hemp as the be all, end all solution – because when you do the research, as thinkers, I believe you’ll see the same picture I see.  
9/30/12 I decided to come back and update this post with a new groundbreaking report.  We’re making some progress! HOORAY!  Industrial Hemp Reform Pending in California.

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