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Being election day I felt this a good day to reiterate the need to join the cause. I like what Vote Hemp said in their newsletter today:

Vote Hemp

We are very pleased to report that H.R. 1831, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, gained three new cosponsors last month: Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN 7th District), Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR 5th District) and Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT At Large).

All three are members of the House Agriculture Committee and Rep. Peterson is the ranking Democrat on the committee. Rep. Peterson and Rep. Schrader are also members of the Blue Dog Coalition, and they are the first Blue Dogs to cosponsor a hemp farming bill. We would not have been able to do this without your support!

Please go to & get involved.

Industrial Hemp & Henry Ford

What are we waiting for except our government to change antiquated, destructive & unproductive laws regulating industrial hemp?

Is Industrial hemp dangerous to your health?

Naturally, a REAL change will not happen as long as people are buying into agendas presented by those who stand to loose the monetary profits gained by continuing their own propagated agendas.

When independent studies are conducted it becomes apparent that similar results don’t prove to be cohesive. i.e. “Hemp is dangerous to your health” yet independent studies have yet to be able to kill a mouse due to excessive exposure to the smoke or ingestion of industrial hemp…or it’s cousin, marijuana.

Many reasons to be Hemp Aware!

I said “Many” because hemp can not fix human natures but, it IS so versatile that it has the potential to solve so many problems, and take a big chunk out of or eliminate chronic issues America is facing!

1. Hemp production would CREATE JOBS in a new sustainable, green market.

2. Hemp is a clean, green source that could be made into biofuels with zero emissions, thereby reducing dependence on foreign oil & reduce air pollution, the need for drilling and the possibility of oil spills.  WIN-WIN-WIN!

3. Hemp is being made into hempcrete (in another country) which has high thermal qualities as a building material thereby decreasing energy consumption for both heating and cooling.

4. Hemp is an excellent healthy food source/supplement which could, in turn, improve healthcare issues & COSTS.

5. Hemp is being made into biodegradable plastics which would reduce landfill waste products.

6. One acre of Hemp produces in 120 days the same amount of pulp for paper as does 40 acres of trees in 20 years.

7. Hemp farming could put an end to government spending on farm subsidies thereby also putting farmers back to work while restoring the topsoil.

8. Hemp production in America should be an export product instead of an import product…more jobs & revenue!

9. Hemp clothing & shoes are much more durable and non-synthetic.

10. Pheeew…That’s not to mention the fact that the plant cleans the air and soil, is useful in making textiles, resins & rope and…and…and…

11. Check out the videos on page 2 of this link
I hope I’ve sparked an interest and given you good reasons to Get Involved! Get Inspired!  Get Hemped Up!  Get Healthy!  Get Green!  Get Rewarded!

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Does this make sense to you?

I have read in the Bible that “God uses the coolest things to pin down the winds… Wait… what?… My voice program heard me wrong.  What I meant was, ” God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.”  I Cor   1:27

I believe it’s a foolish thing to have had so much misunderstanding surrounding Cannabis in this century. The industrial hemp strain of cannabis has been used for thousands of years for its fibers, food, medicine and its oil in very beneficial ways. The strain known as marijuana has also been used for centuries for other reasons which I am not talking about here.

The controversy didn’t start until the 1900’s right here in America.

  • When textile companies made discoveries to manufacture plastic products,
  • chemical companies developed herbicides & pesticides,
  • pharmaceutical companies realized hemp provided natural medicines…they all collaborated a scheme to abolish the plant based upon Marijuana’s psychotropic effects.

They realized that industrial hemp provided naturally what each wanted to market – their manufactured counterparts…soooo…An issue was made of the recreational use of marijuana with no distinction between hemp and marijuana and convinced our leaders of that era that both were evil & started the “Reefer Madness” campaign.

The fact that it is difficult to tell the difference between the plants, both were banned! Even though hemp helped bring this country to victory in WWII it was suddenly deemed dangerous. And now today, the marijuana strain is gaining recognition as a beneficial product even though there are still many unsubstantiated fears surrounding it’s use.

While I don’t believe that God made a mistake putting those plants on this earth, I do believe people have been made to believe that it was a mistake. I think it’s time we rectified this confusion and started benefiting from these so called “foolish things” and started getting wise about the deception.  So, doesn’t it make more sense to reform the laws?

If you agree with me then help me start creating a demand for hemp based products by buying, using an giving products made from hemp. A good place to start supporting the cause & for your health is by trying some of the brand new products offered at Your info is not collected at this site  for viewing the videos on page 2.  When you decide to register (FREE) as a preferred customer you’ll automatically receive a 10% discount on every purchase.

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Production of Food & Fiber Is Paramount

Producing food and fiber have always been the backbone of our country.

Industrial hemp should be the backbone of that production.

Re-legalizing & decriminalizing the planting, growing and harvesting of industrial hemp must become our first priority for economic sustainability and growth.

It’s hard to believe that this one amazing agricultural crop could single-handedly prove all these facts about industrial hemp:

  • Rebuild our economy,
  • Provide new U.S. industries,
  • Expand markets & jobs,
  • Restore our environment to near pristine,
  • Reduce our carbon footprint,
  • Reduce greenhouse gasses,
  • Decrease our dependence on crude oil.
  • Hemp can rejuvenate our independence & pride,
  • Increase our export market while reducing import taxes & fees…and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

We MUST put our farmers back to work in a profitable markets…estimated at over 400 billion annually!  All of these facts can be verified on any Google search.

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