Part 2 How Many Of Our Disorders & Syndromes are Self Inflicted?

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So, In regard to my closing comment yesterday…

How are you spending your dash?

It’s likely that we are moving along our life’s paths doing the best we can while creating as few waves as possible, raising our families & maintaining the lifestyle we’ve either chosen or playing the hand we’ve been dealt the best we know how.

a man & woman playing cards at a table

Life, including the online marketing industry, truly is like a card game, some luck, some strategy & some BS!

When I asked “How many of our disorders & syndromes are self inflicted?” I meant that often we simply just go with the flow doing what everyone else says & does.

Who doesn’t like to follow the path of least resistance…really.  That’s a statement not a question.

That is exactly why all those acronyms are succeeding at their respective games.

These organizations have become bell weathers for thus & so… Societies & cultures have grown accustomed to believe that “XXX says YYY so ZZZ MUST be true, harmless or helpful.

  • Smoking became popular through public acceptance.
  • Clothing styles, music & movies through changing demographics.
  • Our diets through marketing strategies that met the changing culture.
  • Social media through whoever can keep up with trends

We are convinced that if everyone else is “doing such & such” then I better jump in or I’ll get left out.

The Online World is no exception, everywhere you click someone has a landing page trying to convince you that theirs will solve your problem…

herd of all white & one black & a herd of all black with one white sheep.

  • make money fast,
  • loose weight,
  • eliminate debt,
  • retire in style,
  • start a business,
  • stop smoking,
  • get this bling,
  • The list is endless.

The thing you may not know about sheep is that they will graze themselves right off a cliff just following the herd.

As a Disabled Online Marketer I’m more like the loner than the herd.

I can walk off a cliff as easy as anyone else.

That is why I needed a team of entrepreneurs that are willing to work together to help each other succeed…To Learn as you Grow & Earn as you Go! 


Would it help you to become a member of the renowned Renegade Team of Online Marketers & Entrepreneurs?  A team that will not lead you off a cliff.  A team with a proven track record.

A fast growing worldwide team that will

  • answer questions online 24/7,
  • help you with setting up your blog, find & develop your niche’,
  • setting up your auto responders,
  • landing pages,
  • social media networks,
  • learn copy writing,
  • learn SEO,
  • how to build your list,
  • generate traffic,
  • another seeming endless list

All this is available for about a Grant monthly ($50.)

Click to join The Renegade Team Today.

Thanks for visiting, reading, commenting & below, opting in to my list above & sharing everywhere!  Have a sustainable journey!  I am excited to connect with you!


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