Perplexing Public Perceptions – Prejudices Perhaps?

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Admit it-You Made A Judgement Call When You Clicked!

Supporting small business is the best way to help Americans support themselves and each other.

We tend to believe – like most do – That if enough money is spent on advertising Product X so that “it’s in your face 24/7”  Product X must be the “best.”

Big advertising budgets also brought us:

  • GMO foods while causing harm to the earth, humans and animals
  • Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Fast foods and processed/packaged foods
  • Hours and days of idle time in front of our televisions
  • Crimes against innocent shoppers trying for “limited supplies”‘
  • Dangerous substitutes like aspartame
  • False hopes & hype

I am proposing that we all find some small businesses to support in whatever they are doing to try to survive.  Stop supporting the big conglomerates.

Perplexing Public Perceptions…

For whatever reason, our society and culture has forsaken the simple pleasures for the perception of satisfaction of owning the next hottest thing going.

The perception is that “If I could just have this one new item then I’d be happy – satisfied – cool – accepted – fill in the blank.

The perception is never satisfied because most items are constantly replaced with he “newer revised edition.”  Sure, that”s consumerism but has become more like capitalism.

Prejudices Perhaps?

So when you’re shopping – choose the search result at the bottom of the page of results.  Otherwise it’s like you’re discriminating against the little guy.

Many wonderful ingredients are found apart from the big BRANDS & big advertising dollars.  Best of all you’ll be helping other citizens not the 1%.

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