Power Lunch Program Launched

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Proud to Be Part of A Company With This Type of Integrity!

After hearing about that little girl who’s sack lunch got confiscated & replaced with chicken nuggets, (barf) I think that this was a much better way to handle the issue of improving children’s diets.

Advertising campaigns do an amazing job of using words, colors & presentation to make us think that what they are offering is “better” or as good as the real thing only more convenient.

The word convenient always brings to mind Dr. Ruth’s famous comment on SNL “Well isn’t that conveee-ni-ent.?” I couldn’t find a video clip for you & it dates me pretty well too!  I digress.

The strategies of their marketing has worked extremely well too.  Children believe every word the TV says & adults buy the convenience.

Roll of toilet paperThere are three types of convenience.  The necessary, the nonessential…burger, fries & drink in colorful packaging

and the natural.  The natural  is more colorful, better tasting & healthier.  But we know all of this & still opt for the nonessential.

array of real fruits.bag of colorful veggies

So, one way  or the other, we pay for the convenience.  BUT, it must be more important to have the momentary convenience of fast food rather than that of long term health.

Convenience usually has a gestation period.  It’s also more convenient to use a charge card than cash.  Like the charge account, we acquire deposits & make withdrawals on our biological accounts.

Either case, we are forced to make regular payments.  Either money or nutrients.    If no money goes back to the loan dept…you must pay for bankruptcy fees.  If not enough real food is eaten you must pay the doctors & insurance to hopefully regain your health.

Why not invest in your health to begin with?  Let’s reduce these corporations’ profits & increase our personal health & well-being.

Thanks for reading.

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