Re: How The Compound Effect Works on Your Health…

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While we are little kids we think we are infallible.

We only want to feel secure & have our own way. We want what we want without knowing the possible consequences.

As adults we likely have been offered whether we would prefer a penny a day doubled for 30 days or $2 million today?  The educated answer is to take the penny option.

As children we simply want our cookie, our happy meal, our toy…we haven’t yet learned about the long term effects or how to have patience.

Our health works the same way – to a point…a milkshake today is great as long as it’s not doubled daily!  The difference being that with food or whatever we ingest, it does compound in our bodies.

Our metabolism is created from the habits started during childhood.

Taking the challenge to eat only raw foods for 30 days can change your life as drastically a the fast food diet will destroy a body.

Contact me when you’d like to make a change in your health!  I can’t make any promises & won’t make claims.  You aren’t likely to hear hype from me.

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