Reading Good to Great by Jim Collins

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I’ve Only Just Begun: May Be You Also!

Though I have tried to stay off The Beaten Path & On The Road Less Traveled I am certain that there is room for the Tried & True principles that make a person, a company, a business, an organization go from being good to becoming GREAT.

Having always had a propensity to be a perfectionist, a strong independence mindset & likelier to doubt my capabilities than to trust myself stepping out into this unfamiliar territory of running a blogging business is challenging & exciting.

two human figures face to face discussing social media conceptsChallenging because no one can become great independently or perfectly.  Perfect doesn’t exist in humanity.  Period.  I’ll be the first to admit that being disabled by M.S. has tested my independent streak & allowed me to learn to accept help! GRRR!

JK! I’m really not angry about it, I’m quite grateful actually.

I have found & joined an incredibly helpful & supportive team of like-minded entrepreneurs that are all working together & supporting each other.

When I started last Fall I was Blinded By The Light & Terrified but every bit as determined as a woodpecker banging it’s beak on a tree for that morsel of an insect.

I’m still as determined only now I am learning the tools & concepts necessary to assist me on my journey. Like Will Smith in his video on Determination…

I’ll continue to be as tenacious as I ever was, maybe more so now that I’m on a quest to go from good to great & help as many others as I can.

Looking to get going on your own business?  Join The Renegade Team for less than $50./mo, a fraction of the customary cost of nearly $300.  The benefits re immeasurable in learning, sharing & support.

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